About the Coach

Coach Beth (Kenney) Lamie is a USA Triathlon Level II coach, a United States Cycling Federation coach and a member of American Swim Coaches Association and USA Track & Field. In her role as founder and coach of Team Pegasus, Beth has helped dozens of self-described 'ordinary' athletes achieve their athletic and fitness goals.


Beth is also the founder of the Thursday Night Bike Time Trials, which she runs with her husband, elite triathlete Mike Lamie, every week from May to August.


In addition to being a competitive triathlete and marathon runner, Beth has attended several Triathlon World Championships, including the Ironman World Championships in Kona, USAT age group nationals and worlds, XTerra World Championships in Maui and Marathon Olympic Trials.


Beth Lamie is also the owner of The Wheelhouse cycling studio and founder of Progressive Cycling®, a trademarked indoor cycling program designed to build endurance on the bike without sacrificing power.


235 Hanover Street

Hanover, MA  02339


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