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Virtual Milan-San Remo

The Milan-San Remo virtual race is in the books and what a ‘race’ it was! The virtual Milan-San Remo was open to all, and the athletes who took the bait were mostly those who plan to participate in the upcoming Cheaha Challenge.
We took the course profile for Milan-San Remo (normally the longest one-day race in the spring classics) and broke it into six rides. Participants had one week to complete the course, and they were scored according to TSS. As you know, training stress score is a product of time and intensity factor, which is a percentage of your FTP. The longer and/or harder you work, the higher your TSS. So basically, whoever ‘won the workout’ every day, won the Milan-San Remo virtual race.
Here’s how it started:
Day one, everyone did the prologue. We all knew we had to ride pretty hard, but we also knew that we would be riding almost every day. So, most of us rode reasonably hard. We were all in the range of mid-80s to low-90s except one person. Seth decided to take it into triple digits, so it was GAME ON!
The rides did get longer and harder, but so did the competition. This is the spreadsheet showing how it all played out:
NOTE: Kathleen signed up for the challenge but was unable to do more than 2 stages.
What I liked about this challenge is that it was somewhat like a training camp in that we did a bike focus and we used each other to train hard for 6 out of 7 days. It was a great confidence-builder and got us dialed in for the upcoming race. Congratulations to Joe Young who threw it down the hardest. It worked so well that I plan to use similar challenges in the future when I have a group of athletes training for races that occur at the same time.
The actual Milan-San Remo was held last Saturday and Jasper Stuyven won in a stunning break-away with 20k to go. Details here.  Our results will be up on The Wheelhouse website by the end of the week. Keep up the great work everyone!

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