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Race fueling and hydration

After months of training your heart, body and mind for the marathon, half iron or Iron distance race, why risk having cramping, bonking or gastric distress ruin your race? An amazing number of athletes at any given race will spend a fortune on equipment and hours upon hours of training, only to leave their fueling plan to chance (or copy someone else’s!).

A customized race fueling plan will analyze YOUR specific caloric and nutrient/macro-nutrient needs, while taking into consideration food sensitivities, to provide you with a detailed, scientific fueling plan designed to optimize your race (a race fueling plan is included in full-coaching program).

PRICE: $95



The fueling plan includes:

  • Initial email correspondence and instruction for sweat rate test.

  • Pre-competition carbo load procedure, race-day breakfast plan, and race fueling plan.

  • Individualized race fueling plan for each race distance with adaptations for those with food sensitivities.

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