This is the Virtual Tour de France update after Stage 20! One more stage which, just like the actual TDF, is largely ceremonial. But still, you wouldn’t want to miss the ceremony! Speaking of that – we’ll do a Zoom ‘award’s ceremony’ for both races. It’s also an excuse for us to see each other!

So, as you can imagine, The Devil’s Ass-ets have not let up the pressure and they have extended their lead over their closest rivals, The Quad Squad. Tom Holland still wears the Maillot Jaune – not even a few dozen donuts could slow him down. Now THAT’S a warrior! You don’t see the real TDF weanies scarfing donuts and then riding!

All the teams are still fairly close, however, and I can’t believe how much training we’ve all done in the past 7 weeks. I’ll have some stats for you at our Zoom on Monday. The website is up to date. Enjoy today’s ride. Until tomorrow …..


This is the VTDF after Stage 19. I’m not going to say the Devil’s Ass-ets have it sewn up, but they all did a big push yesterday to make sure it wasn’t going to be easy for any person or team to take the jerseys. It’s shouldn’t be easy. It’s also not impossible. There are still two more days of riding left! For now, Tom Holland is still in the Maillot Jaune, and the Devil’s Ass-ets are in the Maillot Vert. The website is up to date as well.

Regardless of what happens after the well-deserved rest day today, EVERYONE has done an tremendous job with all the riding and even though the Stage and GC wins are motivating, the fitness that everyone has achieved during the lockdown is nothing short of inspiring. Everyone cheers for you at the finish line, but this is when you show what you are made of!

Tonight is our final wild-card spin. There is a Zoom meeting set up for 5:30 pm if you want to watch live. It’s also one week since my computer died, so I feel pretty confident that this is going to go off without a hitch.

I’ve also heard back from several athletes regarding the desire to do another challenge. The consensus has been that this has indeed been challenging, but it’s also been motivating, and there is no way they would train this much without the team challenges.

I think we should all take an easy week, and the next challenge (starting after Memorial Day) will be set up a little differently. My intention was never that people would ride EVERY day, but when it’s a competition, anything can happen. The next challenge will be set up to encourage riding every other day, but with some flexibility on which day the athlete rides. There will also be less weight for indoor vs. outdoor riding.

Anyway, enjoy this beautiful day! Perhaps we’ll see you briefly online tonight. Until tomorrow!


This is the VTDF after Stage 18. So, WOW! Yesterday’s workout was interesting for sure. If you didn’t do that stage, you might want to check it out some time just for the ‘fun’ of it. A few riders did additional riding after Stage 18 and even after “Donut-gate”, Tom Holland retains the Maillot Jaune and his team, the Devil’s Ass-ets, retains the Maillot Vert. The website is up-to-date with the standings as of this morning.

Today is Stage 19. Tomorrow is a bye day and there will be two more stages following the bye day. Not sure if anyone is reading these updates, but I’ve only heard from a couple of people regarding your interest in doing another virtual race. Unfortunately, I think it will be a few more weeks before we are confidently able to open The Wheelhouse for classes and I’m trying to keep everyone engaged and motivated to train. If you have thoughts on this please share with me and I’ll get going on our next adventure.

Until tomorrow …..


This is the update for the Virtual Tour de France challenge after stage 17. As you know there has been a ‘fierce’ rivalry between The Quad Squad and The Devil’s Ass-ets. As of midnight last night there was A TIE between the 2 teams. But this morning when I checked the standings (which I feel like I do several times per day), a ride that Rob Falvey of the Devil’s Ass-ets had done early the day before was now showing up on TrainerRoad. This has something to do with how the athlete syncs their ride and how often the log onto the site. Anyway, this 4-hour ride that Rob had done added enough points for the Devil’s Ass-ets to allow them to grab the Maillot Vert. Tom Holland of The Devil’s Ass-ets still wears the Maillot Jaune.

No matter what, everyone has been doing an amazing job with The Virtual Tour de France (and the Virtual RAAM!) I know everyone is going stir crazy, but when we look back ….. who knows? Anyway, have fun with the short ride today! Keep up the great work. Until tomorrow ….


This is the VTDF after Stage 16. With four stages left, Tom Holland has the Maillot Jaune with a 19-point lead over Allen Adams, and The Quad Squad has retained the Maillot Vert with a ONE POINT lead over The Devil’s Ass-ets. As we head towards ‘virtual’ Paris, I am already looking ahead.

We are making plans to do some form of the Thursday Night Time Trials, and if it’s still too early to open The Wheelhouse, should we do one more virtual race? I have a few ideas in mind for virtual races, and I welcome your opinion on this. Personally, I have been enjoying having a reason to stick to a schedule, even if it’s just to hold up my end of our commitment to each other to stay healthy and fit in spite of the current restrictions.

Anyway, the website is up to date as of this morning. Have fun on Stage 17. Tomorrow is the (virtual) Individual Time Trial, so a shorter ride. Until tomorrow …..


This is the VTDF update after Stage 15.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and some of the moms riding the VTDF celebrated by getting their own workout in!

We’ve been talking a lot about The Quad Squad and The Devil’s Ass-ets because the 2 teams have been neck and neck for a while. In fact, they are one point apart as of this writing! But the next 3 teams – The Spin Doctors, Mellow Yellow, and Watt the Hell are within 80 points of each other, which is actually pretty close. Even The Legion is picking up steam and could be planning a come from behind win this week! Count no one out.

Tom Holland is still wearing the Maillot Jaune, but there are a few people within one ride of taking the jersey and they know it. I think there are people checking the spreadsheet before they go to bed at night and if the score is close, they’ll hop on the bike and do one more ride! Haha.

Today’s ride is Stage 16. The website is up to date as of this morning. Until tomorrow….

UPDATE TO THE STAGE 14 UPDATE: Apparently one of the riders from The Quad Squad got back on the bike after his morning ride and should have been credited with 4 hours instead of 2, so The Quad Squad retains the Maillot Jaune. Competitive! I like it!


This is the VTDF standings after Stage 14 (Saturday).

The big news is that the Maillot Vert is back with the Devil’s Ass-ets! They are now in the lead over The Quad Squad by 2 points! (What are the rest of us doing? Lots of riding as well, that’s what!)

Tom Holland still wears the Maillot Jaune. The Youtube video of our spin is up for those who want to witness it. The website is also up to date, including the daily stages update.

Today is Mother’s Day – Happy Mother’s Day to all. The rides are both fairly short for those of you who plan to ride. Will that change the standings? Until tomorrow ……


This is the virtual TDF update after stage 13. This workout was different! I got a few texts and emails about this one. Even though both the long and short versions were shorter than what we are used to the I.F. what harder than we’ve been doing in our daily rides, so it took a lot of mental fortitude and leg strength to get through. I liked it though…. J

Before I get to the team standings, I want to apologize for those of you who tried to log on to the Zoom spin. This $hit got real for me at 5:30 yesterday when we had my laptop ready to zoom (I could see that Seth was in the ‘waiting room’) and the computer just froze … and then died. Like sudden death, no warning. We videoed the spin on my phone and it is uploading to Youtube. It took us 2 tries because the pointer had moved, but the final spin landed on Joe Young. Thank you for your rides this week, Joe. We are adding your points to our team.

The jerseys still haven’t changed – still Tom Holland of the Devil’s Ass-ets in the Maillot Jaune, and The Quad Squad in the Maillot Vert. What will the weekend bring since most will be riding indoors?

The website is up-to-date except for the daily stage update blog. I’ll send a link to the Youtube video as soon as that has finished uploading. Until tomorrow ……


This is the VTDF after Stage 12 (Thursday).

A hard finish to yesterday’s ride – hope it left everyone with enough legs to do todays Team Time Trial. Beth York of the Devil’s Ass-ets has already crushed it. I’m still waiting for the PEDs caffeine to kick in.

No changes in the jerseys after yesterday’s stage. The Quad Squad still has the Maillot Vert and Tom Holland still has the Maillot Jaune. Tune in today at 5:30 to watch us spin the wheel to see which rider shares their points with The Spin Doctors this week. (you should have received a Zoom invitation).

The website is up to date as of this morning, and I have a new blog on the main “races” page so you can look up any stage updates that you might have missed. Hope to ‘see’ you all this afternoon….


This is the VTDF after Stage 11 (Wednesday).

The big news today is that The Quad Squad snatched the Maillot Vert back from The Devil’s Ass-ets. The scores are still close, but the ride data as of first thing this morning gives The Quad Squad a 9-point lead over the Devil’s Ass-ets. The website is up to date as of this morning.

There are a couple of rides coming up that are 1 hour 45 minutes, and I know I said that points would be awarded in half hour increments, but for the official course rides that are 1:45 I’ve created a point value between 1:30 and 2:00. Don’t forget that tomorrow The Spin Doctors will take a spin of the wheel to see which lucky rider will share their points with us. We’ll try to Zoom it so that you can watch live – fascinating stuff!

Keep up the great riding. Until tomorrow ….


This is the VTDF after Stage 10 (Tuesday, Cinco de Mayo).

Yesterday’s ride was interesting. First of all, the way it started we were almost redlined right from the gun. I try to add a short warm-up to each stage since the real TDF doesn’t usually include on, but I also like to try to keep it true to the nature of the race, so that’s what we had yesterday. Once you got through the 1st 25 minutes, it was a pretty easy ride.

Also, because this ride was only 1:50 for the short version and 3:40 for the long, I realized there would be the dilemma about the ’30-minute interval’ rule. Didn’t notice that until I got on the bike later in the day and people had already ridden, but by then I had decided to throw in the extra minutes to round up. Happy birthday to everyone!

After today’s ride, the Devil’s Ass-ets still have the Maillot Vert ….BY ONE POINT over the Quad Squad! FUN!! Tom Holland is still in the Maillot Jaune, and the website is up to date as of the morning of May 6th. I predict there will be a lot of riding done in the next couple of days. Keep up the great work – until tomorrow ….


This is the VTDF update after Stage 9 (Monday). Well, that was a fun ride, wasn’t it? Even if you did the long version, it was ‘only’ 3 hours, instead of 4. You’ve probably noticed that the intervals are shorter and choppier than with VRAAM. This is partly because of the way the TDF riders ride, with surges due to pacelining and chasing. This kind of workout for us enables us to work everything from our VO2 max to our aerobic system (as long as you don’t adjust the hard intervals down). Getting strong every day. J

So, The Devil’s Ass-ets hang on to the Maillot Vert, but the Maillot Jaune goes to Tom Holland – also on The Devil’s Ass-ets. The website is up to date through last night. You’ll have to scroll to the right as the days go by because there’s no way to format the table to hide the old data. Unless I write code we’ll have to deal with these limit.

Today is Stage 10. Enjoy! Have fun with today’s ride. Until tomorrow ….


This is the VTDF after Stage 8 (Sunday). The big news of the day is the Maillot Vert – the green jersey given to the team in the lead has switched from The Quad Squad to the Devil’s Ass-ets! Congratulations, Devils! DA rider Scott Byron keeps the Maillot Jaune for another day.

The Quad Squad didn’t give up their jersey without a fight – in fact all the riders have been putting in long hours on the bikes and the jerseys are always in play.

Keep up the great work and guard against doing too much in the spirit of competition. Today’s ride is Stage 9; 3 hours for the long and 1.5 hours for the short. See you in Andorre-Arcalis.


This is the VDTF update after Stage 7 (Saturday). BIG day yesterday as nearly everyone rode. Makes sense, since Friday was a day off for the Virtual Tour. The Quad Squad hung on to the Maillot Vert by a slim margin (5 points), but the Maillot Jaune went to Scott Byron who has been putting in some heavy miles.

We have such a beautiful weekend that many were tempted to forgo the Tour course in favor of an outdoor ride (even though we are rewarded handsomely for riding the Tour course), but one rider found a solution: Allen took his trainer outside and rode the course in his driveway.

Not sure if you’ve looked ahead at the rides we’ve got coming, but there are some interesting rides! For at least 3 stages, the long ride is less than 4 hours and the short ride is less than 2 hours. Friday is the team time trial (Stage 13) and the ride has more intensity than most of the tour rides. FYI, the top tour riders do the TTT in <45 minutes. But even if I rode the course at .91 it would take me 1 hour and 25 minutes. Anyway, I dialed it back a bit and the long ride is 1 hour 45 minutes, the short 1 hour 30 minutes. Try to do the workout without dialing the intervals back. This is as close as most of us will get to riding on the TDF course – we might as well make it as real as possible!

Keep up the great work, everyone! Until tomorrow…..


This is the update on the Virtual Tour de France after Stage 6. Today is a bye day!

There seems to be battle going on for the Maillot Jaune and it is now between Scott Byron and Allen Adams. At around 9 pm, Scott Byron had the jersey, and then record of a workout done by Allen came in giving him a slight point advantage.

There is also a tight race for the Maillot Vert, with The Quad Squad retaining a 30-point lead over The Devil’s Ass-ets, although none of the teams are out of the running. Enjoy the rest day today and get ready for the battle to heat up again Saturday.

I will email everyone with a Zoom mtg invitation so you can all watch the magic spin that The Spin Doctors will do this afternoon allowing them to add the points from one of our riders to their own team so that the team of 2 isn’t completely disadvantaged by all the teams of 4. As you can see, the potential points range is pretty large, so anything can happen with the standings – even on a bye day.

Until then …..


This is the update of the VTDF standings after stage 5. (Today’s ride is Stage 6).

Interesting things happened late in the day yesterday when Allen Adams of The Quad Squad took the bait and decided to take the Maillot Jaune from yours truly and did the long version of yesterday’s ride. Tom Holland of The Devil’s Ass-ets must have also decided that he was going to push closer to the coveted jersey so at 9:15 last night he hopped on the bike for his second 2-hour ride of the day. Allen was able to grab and hold the yellow jersey, but several riders have the jersey within reach. Tom actually got a head start on today, as he did the Stage 6 ride, but we’ll let that go. The Maillot Vert remains with The Quad Squad, but we’ll see what happens during the fateful spin tomorrow evening.

I might need to get screen shots (or photos taken with cell phone) of missing rides if work done is not showing up on TrainerRoad. For data for those of you who do the TR ride and connect to TR only allowing your smart trainer to be controlled by the TrainerRoad app are accurate and timely. For those who sync with a couple of platforms at once, or who aren’t syncing with any platform the data capture presents more of a problem. I spent hours yesterday going back and forth with riders who are using 2 or more platforms and those who ride without a smart trainer trying to reconcile the data, and I’ve pulled the programmers at TrainerRoad in to help us streamline the process if possible.

I’ve attached a simple but effective screenshot. It shows the date and the time ridden. This was for an outside ride. For an indoor ride, not all computers will show the date, but the other data (IF, intervals) will help me verify the ride. If you do send a screenshot and are going into your history to retrieve the ride, make sure you grab the right ride. Some computers catalogue the data as oldest to newest.

As always, I am impressed with the determination and consistency of our riders. Give it all you’ve got today on the Stage 6 course – tomorrow is a rest day! And if you’ve looked ahead at all, you’ll see that next week’s long and short rides are each a little shorter. Dieu merci!

Until tomorrow…..


This is the update after VTDF Stage 4. First, I want to let you know that I realize that a couple of you are having trouble pulling up TDF Stage 5-S. I was able to verify this by logging in as the user, rather than administrator, and it is NOT operator error. I’ve documented that and will let TrainerRoad know. I won’t make you do the long version instead. Just pull up another workout of either 2 or 4 hours and I’ll give you credit.

I’ve also put up the next 3 Stages and will put them up as I finish them. I’ve attached a ride calendar so that you know which rides you should do on which days. (there are 2 Fridays that are BYE days – mandatory day off!)

The results after Stage 4 are as follows:

· Despite the fact that The Quad Squad came in last for points in Stage 4, they maintain the lead in the General Classification.

· The Spin Doctors are 1 point behind Watt the Hell in the GC

· I have the Yellow Jersey for today (I feel like the last 2 points will be short-lived)

One other note not related to the standings, Team Holland will now be known as Team Devil’s Ass-ets. Mon Dieu!

Keep up the great work, everyone and if you can, put your face in the sun for 15 minutes so intake some Vitamin D! Until tomorrow…..


This is the VTDF update after Stage 3.

There were 2 versions of Stage 3 – a long version and a short version – and everyone who rode the course yesterday chose the short version. The Quad Squad maintained their lead and therefore keep the Maillot Vert, but there was a 4-way tie for the Maillot Jaune.

I share the honor with Bill Daley, Allen Adams and Joe Young. The Maillot Jaune and the Maillot Vert are both based on the highest points after all the stages completed so far (the General Classification). The website is up-to-date with the standings. The chart on the VTDF page is a mirror of the google spreadsheet, so the standings shown on the website can update automatically, saving me one step. I’ll continue to tweak the website and hopefully won’t have to write my own code!

Anyway, we have a couple of changes to the teams. Watt the Hell has a new rider, making all the teams equal if size, except for The Spin Doctors. So, the only one taking a spin of the wheel this Friday will be The Spin Doctors. We will let you know the time so you can Zoom in and watch us. Also, all the teams but one have submitted their team name. We have:

· The Quad Squad

· Watt the Hell

· The Spin Doctors

· The Legion

· Mellow Yellow

· Holland (as I call them J)

I think Tom Holland’s team is waiting to hear from their sponsors before deciding on a name.

TDF Stage 4 is up on TrainerRoad. This stage is considered a flat stage and the riders finish in Limoges. Let us know how you are enjoying the ride through France. A bientot.



Another day, another impressive body of work. I’ve added a couple more columns to the leader-board on the website. The leader board is sortable, so you can sort by team rank or rider rank. I’ve only gone 3 places on the riders as in Le Tour, and we had a tie for second place and third place. The Maillot Jaune belongs to Joe Young today, and the Maillot Vert belongs to The Quad Squad.

You’ll notice that some of the teams are very close in points, so that makes for an exciting start to the race! The website is up to date and Stage 3 Long and Short are up on TrainerRoad. Have fun!




Alright! Off to a great start, with each team sending riders out. Only one rider, Tom “Alaphillipe’ Holland decided to give the Stage 1 long course a try and Tom wears the Yellow Jersey at the start of Stage 2. The website is up to date as of Sunday at noon. A couple of notes and reminders:

· I’ve changed the website around a bit so that each race has its own page. Hopefully that makes it easier to find the results. Click the map on the VTDF results page to see the team spreadsheet.

· Results don’t always show up on trainerroad right away, so I work with the info I have at the time when calculating results and I will make edits if necessary later. If you do not do a trainerroad ride, you should make sure you sync your cycling computer to trainerroad or send me a photo of your ride or a link to strava, garmin or some other data capture site so I don’t miss anything.

· Just so you don’t think you are alone – everyone has commented on how much hillier that Alps are than let’s say, the Rockies! Pace yourself.

· Don’t forget to work with your team captain to come up with a name for your team

Before I sign off to get on the bike, I want to make sure that I congratulate everyone who did the Virtual Race Across America. Collectively, using the hours=miles formula for the race we road 15,012 miles - more than halfway around the world!

Keep up the great work, everyone. Until later,


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